Thursday, June 2, 2016


I am sitting in the living room in my brother Joseph's house. I am very glad I took my shower earlier- with 7 people and only 2 bathrooms, it is getting interesting. 

I am thrilled to be here. Victoria is our youngest niece, and the one we have spent the most time with over the years. She is stunningly beautiful. Tonight she graduates from high school and she wanted us to be there- so we will be. It is nice to be wanted by family.

Our trip here was really long but we saw some gorgeous scenery along the way. The mountains in Tennessee and Kentucky were lovely and the Tennesee Valley near Chattanooga was really wonderful to see. Everywhere we went spring had sprung and there were many beautiful flowers as well as the fully lush trees. 

We are hoping to stop at Lookout Mountain on the way home- it is a Civil War battlefield site. I always love visiting the battlefields and learning more about that time. 

So, we didn't take our planned big trip out west this spring, but we are seeing another part of the country AND getting to spend time with family, so it's a great trip.