Monday, June 22, 2015

Looking inward

So, I was reading my friend, Regina's, post on Facebook today. She is exploring a program called SoulCollage and so far is finding it interesting. Now, to appreciate her reaction you'd have to know Gina. She has always seemed to me very much of a free spirit in her soul, but with a strong commitment to family and her work. She was a fascinating young woman when we went to college together many years ago, and continues to fascinate now.

From her post I jumped to the website of the program she is utilizing. I read virtually the whole thing. As I read, my first reaction was "oh, yes, I should do this". However, very quickly, my common sense, or self sense, or whatever, took over and said "who are you kidding? You would never do this seriously and you'd never stick with it even if you did do the first part." Which is true.

So, then I starting thinking - watch out, that is always dangerous!!!! - and wondered why I would both find this fascinating, and potentially very personally useful, yet know that I would never stick with it long enough to learn anything from it?

Well, that got me to thinking even more and Voila!!! I came up with an answer! I decided that obviously my left brain dominance was why anything so unscientific would certainly not continue to interest me long enough to show anything for it. I am a scientist; I am clearly left brained dominant; I am pragmatic and realistic and never fanciful. Which is a great answer- except for my very right brained love of textiles, and needlework, and my music which has been such a big part of my life, and.... well, all kinds of things that are supposed to be the province of right brained people. So, now I have a conundrum- how to explain my brain????

Aha!!! I am on the Internet!!! I can read about right brained and left brained and figure it all out. So, off I go to Google.

The first thing Google finds for me is a right brain/ left brain test. Terrific!!! I have tumbled directly to the perfect spot. So, I take the test. And guess what???? It works!!! It totally explains all my goofiness, my contradictions, my completely disorganized and at the same time OCD life!!!!!

I am right on the line!!!! I am 50% right brained and 50% left brained. So, neither side is in control and both sides are constantly vying for control. 

I sit here, writing, and totally content. This explains everything!!!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Making a little progress!

So, the quiche for dinner is in the oven, and that means I have a little time to play here.

If anyone is reading this, check back in a few days; I am going to be building my side bar. Many of the links will be to the same sites as my old blog- my interests have not changed a lot, just grown. So, there will be some new sites to check out as well.

My goals for this blog are simple- record for myself my crafty and artistic activities, share them with anyone who wants to read them, and create a sort of online diary that, like my old blog, will be something for me to go back and re-read to remind myself of both good and bad in the past, and enjoy the current in perspective.

So, if you like books, needlework of many kinds, tatting, crochet, loom knitting, quilting, especially Hawaiian quilts, photography, scrapbooking, both paper and digital, stamping and other papercrafting, genealogy, music, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Sherlock Holmes, geeky stuff, anything Disney, retirement living, and whatever else I happen to decide to post about, you will be welcome here. This is SOOOO NOT going to be a dedicated blog, lol!!!

BTW- the title of this blog comes from the movie White Christmas. The song "What Do You Do With a General (when he stops being a general)" runs often in my head, being as both my husband and are now retired teachers. We are going to see just how wonderful retirement can be.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Well, I really didn't get off to a good start, did I????

So, I started this in January, and was going to be really good about posting, right? Well, we can all see, if there is even anyone reading this, how well I did with that! But I am not giving in or giving up- just slowly working my way into it- yeah, that's it, lol!

So, how much are the two teachers enjoying retired life? We are LOVING it. We have had a lot of company already, and everyone seems to really like where we live. How could they not???

So' there really is no particular point to this post, except to say that I will be taking some time in the next few days to build my side bar with links to blogs and companies and such things that I like.

I want to share some of the wonderful things I have found. So, keep up the faith, and I will be back soon.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Off to not such a great start

So, last Saturday, a week ago, we decided to go into town and check out the furniture at Ikea. And, since gas was $1.95 at the Wawa (double win!), we decided to get off at Bearss to fill the tank. And, as we turned onto Bearss, a young woman failed to see the red light, and smashed into our car, with us in it.

The car is now in the body shop, getting much of the passenger side replaced, and the rest of the passenger side repaired. Yeah, she took out the whole side of the car.

I felt "fine" as in normal considering I'd been thrown around more than a nasty ride of the kind I don't go on anymore. I felt "fine" until Tuesday when my shoulder started feeling less than fine, then Wednesday, when I really felt my shoulder and it was NOT fine, and then Thursday when the pain was reducing me to wrapping the shoulder in a heating pad and downing large doses of painkillers while staying in bed.

So, that's "where I've been" when I intended to be writing this blog. Once I can use my arm again, I will start over in the way this was intended. Until then......

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hello to our new life!

I have closed out my old blog, Tilting at Windmills. Our life has totally changed and it no longer is relevant. I am looking forward to sharing our new life.