Monday, June 22, 2015

Looking inward

So, I was reading my friend, Regina's, post on Facebook today. She is exploring a program called SoulCollage and so far is finding it interesting. Now, to appreciate her reaction you'd have to know Gina. She has always seemed to me very much of a free spirit in her soul, but with a strong commitment to family and her work. She was a fascinating young woman when we went to college together many years ago, and continues to fascinate now.

From her post I jumped to the website of the program she is utilizing. I read virtually the whole thing. As I read, my first reaction was "oh, yes, I should do this". However, very quickly, my common sense, or self sense, or whatever, took over and said "who are you kidding? You would never do this seriously and you'd never stick with it even if you did do the first part." Which is true.

So, then I starting thinking - watch out, that is always dangerous!!!! - and wondered why I would both find this fascinating, and potentially very personally useful, yet know that I would never stick with it long enough to learn anything from it?

Well, that got me to thinking even more and Voila!!! I came up with an answer! I decided that obviously my left brain dominance was why anything so unscientific would certainly not continue to interest me long enough to show anything for it. I am a scientist; I am clearly left brained dominant; I am pragmatic and realistic and never fanciful. Which is a great answer- except for my very right brained love of textiles, and needlework, and my music which has been such a big part of my life, and.... well, all kinds of things that are supposed to be the province of right brained people. So, now I have a conundrum- how to explain my brain????

Aha!!! I am on the Internet!!! I can read about right brained and left brained and figure it all out. So, off I go to Google.

The first thing Google finds for me is a right brain/ left brain test. Terrific!!! I have tumbled directly to the perfect spot. So, I take the test. And guess what???? It works!!! It totally explains all my goofiness, my contradictions, my completely disorganized and at the same time OCD life!!!!!

I am right on the line!!!! I am 50% right brained and 50% left brained. So, neither side is in control and both sides are constantly vying for control. 

I sit here, writing, and totally content. This explains everything!!!!!

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